Board Resignations Since 2010

We know there have been at least 4 resignations from the BoD since 2010. We have received a couple of those resignation letters from 2015.

Dated July 30, 2015

This is a letter to the lawyers representing the HOA BOD Clint G. and Beth M.

Keith F. and Doug K. hired J. Roger Wood due to what was believed to be illegal actions on the BODs part in a number of instances. These issues were brought to the Boards attention: Dustin S, Marci J, Cheryl M, and Sherl P. were in the majority and these idividuals ignored the concerns voiced.

In 2014 the entire BoD resigned due to it coming into the light that the Board unlawfully enacted cumalitive voting in the 2013 election. This was Mike McMullens first suit against the HOA, which he won, and then was elected to the Board in 2014.