We Have Asked Questions, We Have Not Recieved Answers. 

Below are some questions that have been asked, either at BoD meeting or through email that still remain unanswered. As well as Request For Documentation that has been delivered with no response to date. 

Questions to the board:

  1. Why has the board not come out to apologize verbally to the community for what you, as a board, has done to this community? You released a statement, but your position requires much more of you, and you owe it to the community as you, the board, have caused this mess. By staying silent you have encouraged the continual divide in the community. If there are members of the board that know these actions are wrong, then they should take it as a personal duty to speak out against the other board members and inform the community of what is happening.
  2. Is the board going to take any responsibility and be held accountable to the poor decision to send these letters out to the community?
  3. Can the board ensure that there are not efforts to pass a social media policy in the future towards residents?
  4. Can the board ensure that there will be no more cease and desist letters to the community with community funds when it comes to online speech? As you are public figures and are elected so you are not protected by defamation laws, as a judge pointed out in 2015.
  5. What legal grounds did the current board have for sending out the letter, it states workplace harassment although you are elected officials?
  6. What was the total cost to the association to have these letters discussed, drafted, sent, retraction sent, console regarding the letters and transcripts, community statement drafted?
  7. The community statement states that getting in the media wasn’t your intent. What exactly was your intent with these letters?
  8. It is stated in the community statement released that “After carefully considering the facts”, but why were the facts not carefully considered before the letters went out?
  9. Isn’t that “careful consideration” why we pay the lawyer?
  10. Why did only Marci’s vocal opponents online receive the letters when there were several acting in similar fashion? Including Marci herself towards a sitting board member.
  11. In 2015 certain members of the board had a defamation suite filed against them from a siting member of the BOD, this suit was filed towards Marci and Cher as well as another individual correct? In that suite the judge threw it out due to Mike being a public figure as a board member and thus not protected from defamation, so there are at least two families from this instance that continue to have a seat on the board and knew very well the letters they requested to be drafted did not have merit from personal experience. (Dustin was also on the board during this time, so he was aware of it as well). Was Marci driving the charge to send these letters out?
  12. You cite in the community statement a harassment free policy, when you as the BOD, in fact harassed and threatened the residents of the community by approving letters to be drafted by your lawyers when there are no legal grounds to stand on or policy in place. Should you not be held accountable to the same standards of the residents of the community, if not a higher standard?
  13. You have not even begun to address and remedy the issue that, once again, you created. What are your plans to remedy it besides not returning emails and remaining silent in what I can only imagine is a hope that it will all just go away?
  14. Why does Cher McCoy have access to the Boards emails?
  15. Who does the board consider the “responsible party” in sending these letters and for the money we have spent in this situation? Are you going to continue employing the attorney or pay him for these letters or misguided social media policy? Why should the community pay for bad counsel that the BOD refuses to fire?
  16. Who on the board has the final authority on if a lawyer is retained and continued to be retained?
  17. Who on the board has the final authority on how community money is spent?
  18. Who on the board has the final authority to have letters drafted from the lawyer?
  19. Why have so many members of this community stated that they never receive responses to their emails to the board? Why are items not addressed in a timely manner?
  20. Who is responsible for managing Simone? What is Simones job description and what are her responsibilities within this community?
  21. What is involved in getting term limits put in place for board members?
  22. Why does the nominating committee exist, who put it in place, and what is needed to disband this committee?
  23. What are the repercussions for board members found to not be acting in the best interest of the community?
  24. If it comes down to fiscal responsibility and responsibility to rights and freedoms of the members within this community which takes priority?
  25. Can proof be provided that the insurance company recommended a social media policy that included the residents of the community?
  26. Did you get second opinions to this insurance companies recommendations?
  27. Why did the board not rescind the letters immediately after the last HOA meeting, as now we all know a closed-door session was not needed for this action?
  28. Who voted for the rescind of the letters, was it unanimous?
  29. Who instructed the attorney to draft and send the rescind of previous demands?
  30. Does the board feel like this was the wrong thing to do? Does the board see what damage they have caused to this community? Every single member of the board. If there are those who still feel these letters were justified, who are they?
  31. This action caused financial, time, and mental strains towards the letter recipients, how are you going to remedy that?
  32. At this point, Marci and Melissa have refused to step down, why do they think they will be effective in these positions given the recent events? What benefit do they provide the community? How are they going to address the public trust?
  33. Todd M. has stated numerous times he doesn’t care about the community or he doesn’t want to speak with the community as well as shoved a reporter while representing the VVL BOD, what is being done to address those actions? His wife has contributed significantly to the strain on this community and many see her as continually acting as an unauthorized agent of the board and acting on behalf of the board, does she still hold positions with any committees? It is our opinion that both McCoys should be immediately removed from all positions with the recent actions they have both taken.
  34. Why is this board so lacking in transparency and oversight? What is being done to address this issue?
  35. The board with these letters have instilled fear in the community, what are the boards plans to rectify that? How do you plan on regaining that trust? Or was this your intent with the letters?