January – two out of nine letters that went out to residents of the community. To see everyone that received a letter please visit the FAQ section by clicking here. 

One response to the BOD regarding the letter received. The sender still has not heard from the Board. 

One copy of the letter sent to the law group representing the HOA BOD. This letter was sent via certified mail and according to USPS was delivered over a week prior to the “retraction” letter. 

The “retraction” letter, all nine letter recipients recieved the exact same one and it was recieved the day of the first closed door session held by the BOD after our open meeting. The community statement released the following day.

As of January 24th, 2020 all board meeting videos have been removed from the association’s site with the exception of January’s video. To find this video please login to the association page at: http://www.valvistalakes.org/ On the left hand side menu go to Home>Resident Login, login with your credentials, on the left hand side menu go to Your Community>Stay Connected>Board Meeting Videos.


*Board Meeting Videos Have Returned as Of March 2nd*