Why just the recall on the President and VP?

They have been the leadership of the board from October through present time. The President of the board sets the agenda, they are the only ones that can request a lawyer to draft items such as policies or letters, as well as the final stamp of approval for any item that goes out. They should be held to the standards of being the leaders of this community, with the decisions made by the board falling directly on their shoulders. If they have the final say, they have the ultimate responsibility. They have also shown no leadership at all since the effects of their actions have divided the community and damaged our image.

While these letters were voted on unanimously to be drafted and sent, what was not voted on unanimously and what other members of the board expressed concern with were the demands in the letters as well as the timing of when they were sent. These BOD members voiced their concerns, but those concerns were ignored by the leadership and they moved forward.

Every member of the board has some responsibility in the letters going out, although the leadership of the board bears the most responsibility on the BOD.

Why are you moving forward with the recall after retraction?

The retraction did not address our bigger issues, such as these letters being issued in the first place, why they were only issued to those who opposed the President of the board and social media group admins, the intent of these letters, the amount of time taken to retract the letters. The BOD has not taken any accountability for these actions, the BOD has not taken steps to rectify the issues or how they plan to regain the communities trust, the leadership of the board have remained silent to the community and letter recipients about these actions for over a month, and they did not assure the community that they would not attempt to enforce a social media policy towards the residents in the future.

Will there be retaliation from the BOD for signing the petition for a special recall vote?

This has been a primary concern of residents, the fact that this is a concern that is exactly why we need to take this action. Residents should not fear the BOD, a community elected BOD is intended to work in the best interest of the residents.

Are you wanting to recount the votes from the last election?

No. The only member that was recently elected that is included on this recall request is the President, Marci. This is about the first actions taken by the leadership of the BOD since they were elected.

Did all members of the BOD vote for the letters?

Yes, all BOD members voted for the letters to be sent out. Although in the transcripts there were only 5 residents brought up along with the FB admins. This was a unanimous vote, and happened in December with the first closed door session following the last election.  There were at least two members of the board that voiced concern of the letters once received for review. The President and community manager are the only two that are allowed to initiate conversations with the lawyer, so these conversations were more than likely initiated by one of those individuals. It should also be noted that within the last community meeting, the manager stated “the other board members had the option to bring additional names to the table” alluding to the fact that it was the President and Vice President that submitted the inital names.

Is There A Recall Petition Circulating For The Remaining BOD Members?

There has not been a petition started to have other members of the board recalled from us, it is an option but there hasn’t been a single individual that has reached out to sign a petition for another board member. If you would like to start a recall for another member of the board please reach out to us though the “Contact Us” page. We are moving forward with the recall and vote for the President and Vice President, as that recall had already began when the transcripts where released. The President and VP are supposed to be the “leaders” of this BOD, therefor they bear majority of the responsibility. They have demonstrated a lack of leadership, judgement, and transparency during this debacle. The recall is already underway for the President and Vice President, and there will be a vote held within the next 30 days. This vote does not hinder us in any way from recalling additional members of the BOD. Another recall CANNOT be attempted for the President and Vice President during the remainder of their term if this one does not pass, no matter what they do there will be no course of action for the community to take to remove them.

Who were the letters sent to?

There were 9 letters sent out, the individuals that received these letters were either administrators to neighborhood Facebook page, or individuals who voiced opposition to Marci, the newly elected President. The individuals that recieved the letters were: Ashley N, Sam S, Bill T, Sharon M, Keith F, Lynda S, Jenifer R, Matt D, and Brian E. Marci and others associated with her were fully involved in the online discussion and the behaviors the letters are assumed to be addressing, but they did not receive letters. This action was not applied equally to all residents.

What is the recall process, and what happens next?

The first step in the recall process is to collect signatures, the signatures are to hold a special meeting for a member vote, once that special meeting is called all residents need to vote on weather or not they would like the President and Vice President recalled. If the vote passes for recall then the remaining BOD members appoint two individuals willing to volunteer their time, or they could choose to leave those seats vacant until this years election.

Are Individuals Trying To Turn Our Neighborhood Into a Country Club?

Absolutely not, everyone loves our community. Our community is made up of all types of households, ranging from young families to retired families. There was an idea brought up on social media by neighbors to have a small restaurant at the clubhouse, that is where this ends. Changing this would have to involve a massive amount of research, a discussion with the community, and a vote. This is not something that could be done without community support. This is only a discussion on social media by neighbors at this time, and it began with questioning if the wedding venue is profitable, where long term board members have refused to provide any documentation that it is profitable.

Are There Individuals Trying To Increase Our Dues Drastically?

No, the fact of the matter is our neighborhood is deteriorating and our playgrounds are dangerous, please click here for photo latest documentation.  For almost a decade the BOD has not increased our dues appropriately, another example of failed leadership. If you look at our reserve fund balance against the list of maintenance items that are due or overdue and repairs needed or items that have past the end of their life, the real reserve balance is much closer to zero. Reserves are there for unexpected items, emergency repairs, economic downturns, etc. Flourishing neighborhoods are well maintained, duct tape isn’t a considered an acceptable “repair” for years. By law you can only increase the assessment by a certain amount per year, which for us equates to approximately $2 a month per year that would have been an extra compounding $60,000 a year, for approximately 6 years (the amount of time they failed to appropriately raise our dues) would be approximately $1,260,000 (not including interest) in the bank today, and an additional $360,000 in yearly revenue. Our neighborhood could really use that $1,260,000 today or in the past 6 years to do regular maintenance and we wouldn’t be in the position we are currently in while still maintaining healthy reserves. Yes, we need reserves, but we also need regularly scheduled maintence to avoid even more costly repairs. If dues were increased as they should have been year over year they would be $12 more than what we are paying now, but or neighborhood would be in much better shape. If we do not have money to allocate to both, the upkeep of our neighborhood and reserve funding, there is either a mismanagement of funds or we are not bringing in enough to cover our operating expenses and maintain our community. This is an open and honest discussion that needs to be had with the community and any BOD, there would need to be a community vote for a special assessment that has to pass by 75% to increase our dues more than approximately $2 per month, by law. It doesn’t matter who is on the Board, this decision will always be left up to the community and how they vote.

Are You Just Trying To Recall The Women From The Board

Absolutely not, there were 5 women that received the threatening C&D letters, to suggest that that female recipients of the C&D letters would respond by attempting to remove only women from the Board is insulting to all women. This recall is for the President and Vice President of the board due to their leadership roles during these unlawful actions that opened the community up to lawsuits and attempted to restrict our right to free speech. These two also held these positions on the previous board where the Social Media Policy against the residents of the community was developed and requested to be drafted as well, showing a history of poor leadership. During October through January they also never put on the agenda to vote down the drafted Social Media Policy. There has been a recall petition started for the each of the remaining board members if anyone feels they should also be recalled. This is the first step in gaining an ethical board, and in no way shape or form has anything to due with them being women.

What is the nominating committee and who sits on it?

In 2012 when Cheryl M. was serving as BOD president amendments were made to our bylaws, in these amendments it includes setting the rule that “Nomination for election to the Board of Directors shall be made by a Nominating Committee. Nominations may not be made from the floor at the annual meeting of the Members, but write-ins will be permitted….The Nominating Committee shall make as many nominations for election to the Board of Directors as it shall in its discretion determine, but not less than the number of vacancies that are to be filled.” To see more on the nominating committee and its role in our elections please click here.

What are the donations to the GoFundMe being used for?

The GoFundMe has been set up to help with the costs that will be incurred with the recall process, such as mailers, signs to be placed at our entrances alerting residents of important dates, and legal advice to ensure the recall is as fair and just as it can be.

Has Dustin Snow Been Asked To Resign?

We are aware of resignations requested for Marci, Melissa, and Todd. Marci and Melissa’s resignation was requested due to the handling of this debacle, the silence towards the community, and the lack of leadership during this time. Todd’s resignation was requested for his repeated comments towards community members and the press that he does not care about the community while representing our community. We cannot speak for every person in the community, but there is a good possibility that there have been calls for every BOD member to resign. Including James, Bill, and Dean. We have also opened recalls for every BOD member, as individuals, no petition started for the remaining BOD members is anywhere close to having enough signatures to turn in for a recall vote. This initial recall does not effect our ability to move forward with additional recalls. The President and Vice President CANNOT have another recall attempt in their term. In order for any change to happen and for the community voices to be heard, it is imperative that this initial recall for the President and Vice President is successful.

Was This a Personal Vendetta?

The only person that would know this is the individual(s) that submitted a request to the lawyer for the letter recipients. What we do know is that Marci referred to members in the Womens Club as a group of “B’s”, you can find that email here. 4 out of the 9 letter recipeints were Women’s Club members (Sharon M., Lynda S., Sam S., and Jen R.) these individuals also openly endorsed Dean and Ken. 2 of those 4 Womens Club members are board members wives, who in an email leading up to the election Marci states are “we have board members who are disruptive and harrassing our employees”, find that email here. 2 of the 9 letter recipeints have a long standing history with Marci (Keith F. and Bill T.) this is well documented as well. Marci endorsed both Keith and Bill the first time they ran for the Board, Keith resigned (find his resignation letter here) and Bill served out his term after he was appointed to replace Mike McMullin. Keith and Bill openly opposed Marci in this last election. The remaining 3 letter recipients were Facebook admins of neighborhood pages. So, with that information, do you think it could’ve possibly been a personal vendetta?