Marci Johnson and her wedding business, conflict of interest?

Marci Johnson, our current President of the VVL Board of Directors, who has sat on the board for a total of 9 years since 2010 has run a wedding business as well. She has said numerous times that it is not a conflict of interest, but we’ll let you decide. 

The Reccommendation to The Board Prior To Sending Cease & Desist Letters To Community Members

According to the transcipt from the 12/16/2019 executive meeting of the VVL Board the lawyer advised board members to delete their comments made towards others online. Some comments remain up until this day, but they did not recieve a cease & desist letter.

The Lawyer:
So for the member… Same thing as above. For non-member, it’s just basically take care of it. If it’s not, then you’re going to be subject to an injunction. Not necessarily the injunction prohibiting workplace harassment. I might include them in that, but the second count is just an injunction, which would be, Hey, judge, order him to delete this garbage because it’s causing a problem for us.

The Lawyer:
Okay? All right, so that’s them. Now, going on to…Simone will give me all of the administrators’ contact info. Now let’s talk about the board members. Any other question about third parties? Now on the board member thing, It is…I don’t need to send each of you a separate letter. Whether I think you’re breaching it or not, I just think that all of us need to have an agreement from this point forward. You guys can’t go in and delete your own posts, right?

Sure you can.

The Lawyer:
So I think there’s two options the board can make a decision on. Right now it’s just agree not to post anything from this point forward, period, just so that you stay away from the issue and you let me handle everything. Just stay away from it. And that would be something I would encourage each of you to do. Just don’t post anything.

Did Marci Call The Womens Club “a bunch of B’s”? Yes. 

Marci has continually denied calling the Womens Club “a bunch of B’s” her latest calls were that’s not what she meant. 

We have a post from Nov. 4 2019 claiming she did not call the Womens Club a bunch of B’s but just used the inital “B”. Marci does show bais on a regular basis towards certain members of this community, and then will lie to the community about it. 

Marci Regularly Attacked James Online, He Was A Sitting Board Member

Marci would attack James (a sitting board member) online on public forums. This was not initiated by James and are false accusations that remain up. 

These attacks were not initiated by James, and are false accusations that remain up, but Marci did not recieve a cease and desist letter. Marci has claimed for years that she is harrassed by other board members although these post tell a different story, and James resigned in Febuary. Over the years of harrassment claims the ONLY common denominators have been Marci Johnson, Dustin Snow, Cheryl McCoy who have all sat on the board for 9+ years. 

Emails Sent To A Select Group Prior To Elections

Every year that Marci runs she sends out emails to a select group within our community. Within this email she year after year speaks poorly of other community members running, the majority of the statements made in these emails are false and flat out lies based on the individuals voting records. Every single year in this email she also claims harrasment from other Board members, although the ONLY common denominators every single year are Marci Johnson, Dustin Snow, and Cheryl McCoy (who is on the board as Todd McCoy for the past two years). Is this the kind of individual that should be president of the Val Vista Lakes Board of Directors?

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