Comments BoD Members Have Made on Social Media

They did not recieve C&D letters along with others that fully participated. These are the comments that remain up after the lawyer suggested they delete their comments and stay off social media.

This is what BOD members were advised on 12/16/2019 with the lawyer in their discussion of threatening residents.

The Lawyer:
So for the member… Same thing as above. For non-member, it’s just basically take care of it. If it’s not, then you’re going to be subject to an injunction. Not necessarily the injunction prohibiting workplace harassment. I might include them in that, but the second count is just an injunction, which would be, Hey, judge, order him to delete this garbage because it’s causing a problem for us.

The Lawyer:
Okay? All right, so that’s them. Now, going on to…Simone will give me all of the administrators’ contact info. Now let’s talk about the board members. Any other question about third parties? Now on the board member thing, It is…I don’t need to send each of you a separate letter. Whether I think you’re breaching it or not, I just think that all of us need to have an agreement from this point forward. You guys can’t go in and delete your own posts, right?

Sure you can.

The Lawyer:
So I think there’s two options the board can make a decision on. Right now it’s just agree not to post anything from this point forward, period, just so that you stay away from the issue and you let me handle everything. Just stay away from it. And that would be something I would encourage each of you to do. Just don’t post anything.

Found below you will see one post from Marci on Facebook that remains after it was suggested to her from the lawyer that she delete everything she posted and do not post moving forward. In this post she specifically attacks a sitting board member while commenting about a wedding business she has been repeatively questioned about, and flat out lies about calling the Womens Club a bunch of B’s.  The second image is a screen shot from AZ Corp Commission showing that she is still an owner of Shabby Chic, her wedding business. In an email sent to one individual she claims she has sold this company last March but has still not transferred that ownership with the AZ Corp Commission, due to lack of time, while she claims to have sold the business in March 2019. The last image is the email where she called the Women’s Club a bunch of B’s.

James was a sitting board member during this time, not up for reelection. The board continues to not respond to the question, “who first brought the social media policy to the lawyer” although we know only the President and the community manager have the ability to do so. These were responses to questions being directed at Marci during this time, which should be expected since there was a sham of a canidate Q&A in 2019.

In the snippet below you will find Marci attacking James (a sitting BOD member at that time) and Jen once again. The only time James made comments on social media during the election was to defend himself against the attacks Marci and others were participating in. In this snippet you will also see Marci stating that she does not want to interfere on property rights, and questioning James investment policy although she voted yes in 2018 to not allow renting out a portion of your home, in 2019 to stop short term rentals, and again in 2019 voting yes to the only investment policy bought before the board for a vote. 

Please refer to our open meeting videos found on our association page: valvistalakes.org under Your Community – Stay Connected for the January video where Melissa states she does not have a social media around 1:26:00, then again in the February meeting video where Melissa states she only has social media for friends and family around 3:06:00.

Below is an email Marci sent to members in this community during last election, with defamatory items in it towards a sitting BoD member who was not running (the Tresurer) although this idividual has resigned as of February 20, 2020. Below the email are documented votes from 2019 that show this email is filled with false information towards opposing canadites and sitting BoD members, as well as James public response to these accusations on social media. 

We would like to know how certain BoD members have “harrassed” employees. Do they claim “harrassment” as a BoD member approaching the manager in relation to job functions?

The Board is the managers direct supervisor.

The first line on the 2nd page says “they will get rid of our VVL staff and hire a professional management company to take over (extrememly expensive, and our services, activities and maintenance will suffer greatly). Suffer more than year long issues being band aided by duct tape? How much is our budget for duct tape?