The Candidates SaveVVL Support

Each member has six votes this election. SaveVVL supports these candidates as we feel they will be the ones to move VVL in a new and better direction. With these candidates, we will address our serious issues and increase communications with the members while being fiscally responsible. 

James Walsh

Jim had been a resident of VVL, moved out of state, then returned to this community. Jim has retired from a long career in education both in high school and community colleges as a teacher, principal, and athletic director. In retirement, Jim is anxious to give back to the community in a leadership role, seeking community input, offering transparent and accountability, and striving for open communication to achieve a much needed high level of positive, productive interaction between the Board and fellow community members. 

“Our members know that Val Vista Lakes is one of the best communities in the state; however we have massive room and opportunity for improvement. With a Board will to make necessary changes, I am confident the needed improvements so many are asking for will occur.”

Sharon Maiden

Sharon has been a member of VVL since 2011, she is an ardent believer in open, honest communication and “doing the right thing”. If elected to the Board, she is committed to always approaching decisions with an open mind, focused on making the right decision for the VVL homeowners and association. Her business background in Human Resources, Purchasing, Real Estate & Facilities, and Community Relations makes her an ideal candidate for the Board. She can bring expertise that hasn’t been seen on the Board for quite some time. Sharon’s logic and common sense, combined with the fact that she doesn’t get rattled and has excellent communication skills will serve the community well. 

“I will always fight to do the right thing, as I have fought for the Board to rescind the C&D letters and to revise the original waiver down to a Covid specific waiver.”

Doug Keats

Doug moved to VVL in 1998. He has served on a variety of corporate boards and non-profit corporate boards which makes him a perfect candidate to serve as a VVL Board member. After many discussions with fellow VVL Stakeholders, Doug believes it is time for new people, new ideas, and a new relationship between community members and the Board/Management. Doug would like to see more informal settings without a time limit for speaking where questions, concerns, desires, input, ideas, and information from community members need to be given full consideration in decisions and plans for VVL’s future. 

“Our community pride needs a huge boost, and our playgrounds, our Mountain, our signs, and our lakes need facelifts. Let’s make some changes and get on with the job!”

Gregory Orsini

Grego and his wife have been members of the VVL community since 2017 and are active in several recreational activities as well as offering to help others participate. Greg created and owns a financial software company. His financial expertise was utilized as he served on the VVL  Budget & Revenue Committee and would be a beneficial asset to our Board of Directors with a wealth of knowledge in regards to our reserve funds. He has out of the box ideas when it comes to enhancing and facilitating the communications between the Board, members, and management as well as ways to save the community money with more effective prioritization and common sense. Greg is adamant about representing the entire VVL community by including and considering all comments and questions. 

“We all live here and share the same goal of having a great community – we should be willing and able to compromise and resolve issues even when we disagree.”

Bill Suttell

Bill is our current Board President, he has resided in VVL since 2016. With Bill’s law background and experience, he listens and understands all angles in order to make decisions based on sound judgment and fair reasoning. Bill is dedicated to assuring that the Board observes its commitment to serving the best interests of the entire community as well as honoring its fiduciary responsibility to fellow community members. He is excited about continuing to serve with new Board members who are equally committed to inspiring the community to collectively channel its energy into achieving positive results for all aspects of the Val Vista Lakes community. 

“I am running for the Board to heal the divisiveness within our community and to move the neighborhood forward in a positive direction. This can be best accomplished with Board members who are open and honest with the community.”

Keith Faber

Keith is a 10-year resident of Val Vista Lakes. He has owned and operated a successful general contracting and framing business, completing large commercial projects in 17 states. With over 800 employees, Keith has a wide range of business experience including job oversight and managing staff. In addition to his degree in Economics, he also a background in law, contracts, and fiscal responsibility that would be an asset in a Board member. Keith has previously served on the VVL Board and believes there is a similar need today to “peel back the onion” to resolve the many current unanswered questions, stop repetitive negative patterns resulting from the “status quo” attitude, and set a new direction for this community. 

“Rather than be a ‘whiner’ and just complain, I would like the opportunity to make a difference and help show our community a new direction with new leadership.”