Marci Johnson and her wedding business, conflict of interest?

Marci Johnson, our current President of the VVL Board of Directors, who has sat on the board for a total of 9 years since 2010 has run a wedding business as well. She has said numerous times that it is not a conflict of interest, but we’ll let you decide. 

How much is the leadership of the Board costing our community?

You’ve heard the recall is costing the community money, but how much has the leadership cost us already and how much could they end up costing us by ignoring maintenance issues and taking unlawful actions? These actions not only will cost us more down the line, but also decrease our home values.

Why Were The November 2019 Elections Questioned?

There were a few “red flags” during this last election. Take a look at them and you can decide if you feel the 2019 elections were fair and transparent. 

What are the possibilities with a professional HOA management company? This is what one company had to tell us.

With a professional management company our community will receive a heightened approach towards safety/risk reduction, cost effectiveness, and operational efficiency. It will delete any personal relationships that may currently exist between our community manager and certain members of the board which results in failed management of our manager. 

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