The 2020 Elections Are Here! It’s Time to Move VVL in a New Direction

After a year filled with egregious events that have not served the interest or values of the VVL community the 2020 election is more important than ever. Voting should begin October 25th through November 19th.

A New Direction For VVL

What does a new direction mean? A new direction consists primarily of the following four elements:






Electing candidates that have a desire to move VVL in a new direction and enact real change to the status quo will benefit the entire community.

Important Upcoming Dates

Town Hall Meetings, Application Deadlines, and Board Meetings.

Voting Information

Voting should open October 25th, you should receive an email and a ballot in the mail.

Candidate Comparison

A quick comparison chart with the top line questions the community has. 

Candidates SaveVVL Support

Know where the candidates stand on the issues facing VVL.


Facts and commonly asked questions about SaveVVL and our goals for an inclusive VVL.

2021 Issues For VVL

Top priority issues that should be addressed in 2021 by our new board. 

What’s at stake in this election?

Over the past decade, we have witnessed repetitive “old guard” tactics that worked to exclude community members. Is this the type of community you want to live in? It is time for a new direction, if we do not get out and vote for the right candidates there is so much at risk. Such as neverending increased legal bills with our current counsel, deferred maintenance, continually keeping members in the dark and not communicating, continued divisiveness within the community, continually serving outside public before members, continued attempts to trample on your rights as homeowners, little regard to properly maintaining records.

Candidates Running in the 2020 Election

The candidates were announced on October 16th. The candidates are: 

  • Keith Faber
  • Michael Feldman
  • Joan Kampmeyer
  • Douglas Keats
  • Joni Lang
  • Sharon Maiden
  • Gregory Orsini
  • Richard Porter
  • Patricia Radovich
  • Donna Reiss
  • Brian Solomon
  • Bill Suttell
  • James (Jim) Walsh
  • Christopher Wilson

How Do We Stop History Repeating Itself?

We have career board members, some of which have actively ignored the community showing bias, and denied dissenting board members information. There are three candidates running that were vocally supportive of how the recalled President and VP president acted as well as the two directors those individuals appointed. 

These three continually supported the actions and inactions of the recalled President (Marci), Vice President (Melissa), and the appointed directors, Ted and Jerome (who voted to not appoint two new directors after the recall, and just recently resigned a month prior to the election leaving us without a functioning board). The three that STILL support the actions and inactions of these individuals are Joni Lang, Patricia Radovich, and Richard Porter. If you want to see VVL move in a new direction DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE INDIVIDUALS. If these three gain a seat on the board we will see history repeat itself at the detriment of VVL.

Let’s work together for a fuller representation of our neighborhood. Move away from frequent executive closed-door board meetings, driving up our legal costs to the community (by the end of July in 2020 we had exceeded our yearly legal budget). Increase communication and transparency from the board. Prepare a five-year plan for our lakes, maintenance, and facilities that have attainable goals that are met in a timely manner. Gain Board members that learn and understand our governing docs and reserve study while tackling the items that need to be addressed. Let’s move VVL in a new direction, one that works for the whole community.


There are no sides. We are just one community. We deserve a board that works in the best interest of the entire community. Leadership that is transparent. Leadership that follows our governing documents. Leadership that is fiscally responsible. 

What is the nominating committee?

What candidates does SaveVVL support and why?

I Would Like To Donate To The GoFundMe Fund

Donations will be used to assist in material for the candidates. 

I Would Like Updates On Election News

If there are any updates to the candidates, deadlines, or general election we will email you.

Ready to get involved in the betterment of our community?