The 2020 Elections Are Here! It’s Time to Move VVL in a New Direction

The goal for SaveVVL is for our wonderful neighborhood to become a well-organized and beautifully maintained premier residential community once again. To get there we need a board of directors that embrace transparency, fiscal responsibility, continued improvements, and accountability.

A New Direction For VVL

Our work is not done. This November there are six open seats available. It is imperative we finish what we started with the recall. We have the chance to move VVL in a new direction. A new direction that includes transparency, fiscal responsibility, neighborhood improvements, and communication from our Board of Directors.

Maybe you are not ready to run for the Board, but you are willing to apply for the nominating committee, or campaign for members to gain a seat on the Board this November. Wherever you fall, your community needs you.  

Important Upcoming Dates

Town Hall Meetings, Application Deadlines, and Board Meetings.

RSVP To Town Hall

There will be town halls and meet the candidates held regularly leading up to the election. 

VVL Litigation

Law suites VVLCA has been involved in as a defendant over the last decade. Every lawsuit increases our insurance costs.

Candidates SaveVVL Support

Know where the candidates stand on the issues facing VVL.


Facts and commonly asked questions about SaveVVL and our goals and vision for the future of  VVL.

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues that are found within VVL, these issues will be a top priority with the SaveVVL endorsed candidates.

What Will The Town Hall Meeting Cover?

The agenda for the town halls is to articulate key issues facing our community and to introduce homeowners who are planning to run for the board this November. We are eager to connect with the community and convey the vision to steer VVL back on course. Your thoughts, suggestions, and questions will be welcome.

Meet The Candidates

Please check back, this will be updated regularly. 

Why We Cannot Afford To Repeat History

We have career board members, some of which have actively ignored the community showing bias, and denied dissenting board members information.

There are certain board members that have sat on the board for the better half of a decade. Those board members seem to have a pattern of breaking the rules within the CC&Rs and Bylaws, opening us up to litigation. Making false claims towards other board members. Refusing to admit to their mistakes. Dismissing repeated calls for transparency from the community and sitting directors, utilizing community funds to instill threats and fear while creating a divide among neighbors.

Let’s work together for a fuller representation of our neighborhood. Move away from frequent executive closed-door board meetings. Increase communication and transparency from the board. Prepare a five-year plan for our lakes, maintenance, and facilities that have attainable goals that are met in a timely manner. Let’s move VVL in a new direction, one that works for the whole community.


There are no sides. We are just one community. We deserve a board that works in the best interest of the entire community. Leadership that is transparent. Leadership that follows our governing documents. Leadership that is fiscally responsible. 

What is the nominating committee?

What candidates does SaveVVL support and why?

I Would Like To Donate To The GoFundMe Fund

Donations will be used to assist in material for the candidates. 

I Would Like Updates On Election News

If there are any updates to the candidates, deadlines, or general election we will email you.

Ready to get involved in the betterment of our community?